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CAC Ostrava, rozh. Mgr. B. Ovesná
Corleona Lady di Brittasgang, Winner's class, V1, CAC, National winner
Ch. Brittanica Halit Paša, Veteran class, V1, BOV (Veteran BOB) and thus became Czech Veteran Champion laureate
Dark Diamond di Brittasgang, young class, Excellent 2
Druss di Brittasgang, young class, V1, CAJC, BOJ The best young and thus became Czech Junior Champion

We celebrate Brittanica´s  & Matylda´s 8rd Birthday and Corleona Lady´s 4rd Birthday.  Happy birthday & all the best & sound health & much happiness & much success.

Corleona Lady di Brittasgang, natriuretic peptide, normal value (March 2011), cetifikate here & thyroid, normal value (March, 2011), cetifikate here.

Fashion model and 2. Vice miss CZ Agata Hanychova with our dogs Corleona Lady and Brittanica.

We wish you and your family a merry and contemplative Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.

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We are accepting reservations for puppies for summer 2010.

More information about litter D, Corleona and Charm here. If you have any questions concerning our puppies do not hesitate to contact us.

Below you can read the general and at the same time also important information concerning our puppies in our kennel:

General Information
Before you take the first step and get a puppy, please make sure that you will be able to take care of your Dobermann throughout his or her all and quite long life.
If you are convinced that Dobermann is the right dog for you, we will be happy to welcome you in our family and we will be glad that you chose this amazing breed.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your interest in a puppy from our breeding station Brittasgang. In order to get general information on the history and breeding programme of our breeding station, click here.

Basic Information
Before you make the final decision to get a Dobermann puppy, please consider several important factors. We believe that the Dobermann is not a dog that could live outside or in a pen all year round. However, that does not mean that Dobermann does not like freedom. They like staying outside during the day in spring and summer. They are also excellent guards and protectors of the family. They love company and contact with people. Our family prefers family breeding and the dogs are a part of our lives. They live with us, we take them on holidays with us and they spend all their free time with us. They are truly friends to us. If you have the same opinion and if you are thinking of getting Dobermann, you can get some information on the planned mating of our beloved bitches at the telephone number: 00420776583892 or 00420731460323 or at the email address: brittanica@seznam.cz (we prefer the written contact). We appreciate responsible owners and we look forward to meeting you, the future owners of our puppies.

Now let's have a look at some basic information that describes the period from the planned mating until the owner takes the puppy home.

Planned Mating
Our bitches are diagnosed for hereditary impediments and they undergo various obligatory and voluntary examinations by experts from Czech Republic and abroad. Our breeding bitches have also gone through German valuation that proves their sufficient physical resistance. You can find more information on our bitches, their work and exhibition results as well as medical examinations Brittanica and Corleona.

Gravidity Period and Preparation for Delivery
Our whole family takes care of the gravid bitch. Since the second half of gravidity, the bitch is under 24hour supervision and control. The gravid bitch has a small room prepared where she has some privacy and where a comfortable and spacious delivery box is placed a few days before the litter. This room is also adjusted so that we can be in close contact, day and night, with the "mother" and her "babies".

Visits and Socialization of Puppies
Our beloved puppies can be visited after a suitable period after the litter. As soon as it is possible, the puppies get to know the other dogs that live together with us. The puppies will be maximally socialized, i.e. used to being around children, adults, young dogs and other animals, riding in a car and basic hygienic habits - all the things necessary for settling down in a new home.

Feeding and Nutrition for Our Puppies
The basic nutrition is the milk from their mother. However, as soon as it is possible, we start with a combined diet so that they get meat - pre-cooked poultry with tasty side dishes (pasta, oats, rice) and boiled vegetables. We supplement the meat diet with other poultry broths (mainly hen). We combine cooked meat with granules, super-premium foodstuff, the same brand that we use for our other dogs. Furthermore, they also get supplementary food such as, biscuits, soft and hard cheeses and other good stuff suitable for puppies.

General Information on Taking Puppies Home  
You can take a puppy home after the 50th day of their life. When the puppies go to their new homes, they are already used to people, young and adult dogs and terrarium animals. They know basic instructions suitable for their age, i.e. "Don't" and coming to you when called. They are used to a regular drinking and feeding routine and hygienic habits corresponding to their age. The new owners get their puppies with a tattoo, all necessary vaccinations, de-wormed by de-worming preparations several times and after several medical checks by our pleasant veterinary and checked by a breeding consultant. Each puppy receives a little kit that helps them get used to the new environment in their new family. Furthermore, we give the owners a vaccination card with records on vaccination and de-worming and the purchase contract with all necessary particularities.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the planned mating of our bitches or their current breeding. We will be happy to help you in all matters (breeding, nutrition, training, upbringing etc.) that you will be interested in with regard to Dobermann.

Thank you for your attention.

Your Brittasgang Team, Jana and Mira Hora