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CAC Ostrava, rozh. Mgr. B. Ovesná
Corleona Lady di Brittasgang, Winner's class, V1, CAC, National winner
Ch. Brittanica Halit Paša, Veteran class, V1, BOV (Veteran BOB) and thus became Czech Veteran Champion laureate
Dark Diamond di Brittasgang, young class, Excellent 2
Druss di Brittasgang, young class, V1, CAJC, BOJ The best young and thus became Czech Junior Champion

We celebrate Brittanica´s  & Matylda´s 8rd Birthday and Corleona Lady´s 4rd Birthday.  Happy birthday & all the best & sound health & much happiness & much success.

Corleona Lady di Brittasgang, natriuretic peptide, normal value (March 2011), cetifikate here & thyroid, normal value (March, 2011), cetifikate here.

Fashion model and 2. Vice miss CZ Agata Hanychova with our dogs Corleona Lady and Brittanica.

We wish you and your family a merry and contemplative Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.

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Matylda and friends  » Matylda


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born: 5. February 2003
owner: Mira Hora

Matylda ifs an inseparable part of our group. Shef is a black scamp who is also well-educated and friendly to all humans with good intentions. Retrieving tennis balls is one of her favourite activities. Corleona Lady acts like some kind of dog aunt and has been inseparable friends with our Brittanica from the beginning. This year, Matylda celebrated her sixth birthday. You'll find their pictures (in hand) and additional information about them.

How did Matylda get to us?
At the age of approx. 5 months Matylda was saved by her owner from her original irresponsible owner. Thus, the small Matylda would soon become acquainted with the sunny side of a dog's life, which she enjoys until today.

The character and appearance:
Her character is harmonious and highbred. Her physical structure guarantees power, endurance, rapidness and volubility (we have not experienced her being caught by anyone so far). With other dogs she is friendly, with puppies educational. In a pack with humans, whose love she wins particularly with her desirous eye for ball retrieving, she is very popular. She has moustache shaped hairs at her nose and charming hairs at the chin. Most of all she likes walking in the forest.

What food does Matylda like:
Beside the small sausages, she loves pickled cucumbers, apples, apricots, peas...and her owner, who is however, not for eating :o)))

Matylda as a "mother":
Before Matylda met Brittanica and Corleona Lady, she lived in a common household with a cat named Bastet Makaluza Vincenza, at home called just Bastulda, who educated her from her early age. At present they "only" visit each other regularly. 
Matylda was also a surrogate mother and at the same time an aunt for dobermann Fredie, which taught her about the different essential tricks in a dog's life. Fredie does not let anything bad happen to Matylda.
If you'd like to see Matylda or other female dogs in person, contact us, and we can arrange a common walk.